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A diary, on the other hand, basically contains written work, things written about you by yourself.

What’s the difference between a Diary and a Journal?

Journal writing is taught by many coaches, and it can be learned. It is like writing a timetable or reporting about yourself. It is not necessary that you write a journal every day. You can write when you want and about things you like to write about. Diaries are written every day, mostly at the end of the day, about everything good, bad, ugly, pretty; things you liked or did not like. A diary contains written words about your daily routine; a journal can contain anything which expresses your feelings in the best way.

They could be sketches, drawings, or words. A diary is a notebook; a journal can be anything ranging from a notebook to a pack of index cards. Journal writing classes can be taken, and one can learn to write about their feelings in a beautiful and expressive way. Cite Nimisha Kaushik. May 14, Leave a Response Cancel Reply Name required. I was always fascinated with famous people from history that kept journals and or diaries and the accounts contained in them. I admit that I am a bit old fashioned but it saddens me that technology has all but done away with this art of expressing our thoughts in writing.

Journals and diaries leave a personal account of the inner person most people never get to see. When a person passes on from life, it is my belief that this record is of the utmost value to the loved ones left behind! Your post has inspired me to begin a journal and I owe it to you! I agree that hand-written journals are a precious gift to yourself as well as to those who come behind you.

A diary is a day to day experiences and feeling of your daily life, while a Journal is all that plus an outlet to reach your goals, and free your creative juices. With a journal everything goes from writing a short story sypnosis, to steps by steps ways to reach your goals, essays, letters, sketches, snippets and much more. Pingback: Difference Between Journal and Diary? Thanks for the post. Anyway, can I include pictures and sketches in a journal?

You can do whatever feeds our creative soul t make your journal yours. Collage, paint, sketch, photograph, write music, choreograph. I feel that I should be writing a journal over a diary, because they seem more meaningful. I type faster than I write and I end up with a lot of drivel. My question is though that to an extent can a journal overlap with a diary? I write about what I did that day but I include how I felt. Is that still a diary?

What is the difference between diary and blog?

Journals and diaries overlap all the time. There are people who sketch, who write music, who paint in their journals and diaries. Many people keep more than one way to track information.

What's The Difference Between a Diary / Notebook and a Journal

No matter how you do it or what you call it, the important thing is that it makes meaning for you, not what you call it. There is no definition that would separate one from the other. Some still call themselves diarists while keeping notebooks of deep, rerflective material. I bring this up at all because your blog post has risen to the top of Google rankings for this question — and the answer is simply wrong. Based on history, literature, even technical definitions. The point being, and why I think you should update, and correct, your post, is that what should be stressed is writing in the notebook — whatever one chooses to call it.

Thanks for the explanation, Mike. I write my opinion in this blog, I have never claimed that my blog posts are academic literary criticism or anything more than they seem to be—an online journal of the slips, trips and aha moments of the creative journey I call my life. In this blog, I was speaking to the people who keep both a daybook of events a calendar and a journal and asked me what I do. So I told them about my viewpoint in that context. If a student were to quote me in an academic argument, the instructor would be correct in taking the student to task about a basic lack of critical thinking and analytical logic.

People who want to write, those who want to keep a journal will choose to do so or not do so on their own desires and intentions. I encourage you to write your own blog with your own point of view. I appreciate your telling me I am wrong, though, and for including your own expertise.

Hi there! I just joined postaweek, and caught myself wondering what the difference between a diary and a journal is. Your blog was at the top of my search on Google — so thank you — I thought the same thing myself. Thanks for the note!

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I hope you enjoy blogging. Can I charm you into becoming a handwritten journaler? There are a ton of journalers who read this stie. I have a diary but now i think i will change to a journal.

Is there a difference between the two?

Theyare probaly more colourful and momental. Journals are fun because they create a real GPS for your soul—or at least your journey on earth. Well, in my dream journal, I write big words and little words and doodle a lot. In fact, i do that in all my journals. Lines or no lines is a much-discussed question. It depends entirely on what you will do. Will you just write? Will you draw? If you like the idea of freedom—writing around the edges, coloring in some designs and doodles, then unlined may be your best choice.

No matter what others say, choose the journal that feels good to you. And come back and tell us what happened! At long last i have the difference with me. I have never thought of writing one but i will try. There are many journals you can buy and love.

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  • You can even make your own. Dream journals are wonderful, whether you record waking or sleeping dreams. If you do record your dreams, do it right after you wake up. Dreams fade faster than dark in the sky at dawn. The details of a dream last less than a minute after you wake up. I once tried to write a diary but would write in it one day and then would write in it again 2 weeks later, and i dont just want to write a diary, i want something to come to me at once but nothing ever does. If u would be able to give me some suggestions that would be great!!!!!

    Hi, Mia—thanks for writing. Here are some general ideas, including collage and art. First of all, write just one sentence. That makes you think more clearly. Write one sentence about what made you happy that day. Or what made you angry. Or what you had for supper. I would go stand outside in my middle-of-the-city backyard and listen for birds and look at the trees. I wrote down what I saw, along with the high and low temps for that day, and the phase of the moon. That filled a whole journal so I knew that even the desert Southwest has four seasons.

    My favorite is still pulling a word out of the magic word box, or opening a page in the dictionary, picking a word and writing about that. Let me know if you need more ideas! The first page is the hardest. Set your thoughts free and let them run around on the page!

    What is a diary?

    Is it a good idea to write a journal at night, before your bedtime or anytime you have something pops in your head? Wishing you countless blessings for every day of Most people have the misconception thet these two are just totally the same. They record different parts of your day, but more important, different parts of your emotional landscape. Oh, yeah. That committee in your head. Seriously, though — I liked this piece. I never really thought about the difference between a journal and a diary before. I just kind of thought they were the same.

    And the prompts are interesting. Search for:. Share this: Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Like this: Like Loading Thanx, your article helped me clarifying the concept of journaling clearly. I hope u understand.. Do you think they are better kept separately? A study published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists claims that expressive writing can result in overall long-term improvements in both a person's emotional and physical well-being. Researchers also believe that writing on a regular basis makes you smarter! To learn about how a daily writing practice can enhance a student's academic performance, read The Brain-Based Benefits of Writing for Math and Science Learning.

    Regardless of whether you choose to write about the past in a daily diary or dream about the future in a meditative journal, the act of taking time out of your day and focusing your attention on yourself for a while can have positive mental and physical health benefits. Whether you're keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it's the same thing. What's important is you're having a relationship with your mind. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Realized that more people prefer Journal to Diary.

    I am using iPhone app named MemAide free to do my Diary. Really convenient.

    And this guy starts to read with a lot of surprises. For an example of a journal, search Google Images on journal of Leonardo da Vinci. His was full of sketches and notes. Tony Buzan credited da Vinci with pioneering mind mapping. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, feltmagnet.

    Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Diary vs. Journal: What's the Difference? Updated on February 26, Sadie Holloway more. Is there a difference between the two? A diary is a book to record events as they happen. A journal is a book used to explore ideas that take shape. Topic or Theme. Here are a few topical examples of the difference between what you'd put in a journal versus what you'd put in a diary.

    How do they differ? The chart below shows how the content of each type of book might differ based on various themes. Should you choose a diary or a journal?