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This 11th in the series, and it seems things are beginning a change.

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Ten, and now eleven, the structure of the book has changed - per request of readers it seems - but the changes seem to have affected more than how long the books are or where the recipes are located. It seems to me that even the writing style is not quite the same. Jul 11, Connie rated it it was amazing Shelves: murder-mysteries. Boy, I wasn't sure if I was going to like what happened in this one, but it all worked out in the end. Suzanne and Grace, along with help from Momma's great cooking, are a great team!

The author tells about using less recipes and shortening the story and why. I think she chose well. The book is very well written and I don't miss the extra recipes. Mar 25, Carla rated it really liked it.

The Donut Shop Mystery Series in Order - Jessica Beck - FictionDB

Oh the donut mysteries. Quick, mindless, and fun. You know what I like most about them? They are easy on the mind. Don't require any heavy theme interpretation. The writing is not earth shattering, but having come off a streak of some pretty heavy themed page epics: This is just a nice refreshing change of pace.

Jan 09, Jeanie Harper rated it it was amazing. This book had me thoroughly engrossed in the story. Suzanne finds this out when confronted by a killer who has her Momma hostage. Very good read, villian totally unsuspected. Mar 31, Nancy H rated it liked it. Number 11 in the Donut Mysteries, this cozy is good, quick, and easy to read, and of course, makes you want to eat donuts while you are reading! Mar 15, Mary Ann rated it really liked it Shelves: cozy-mystery , library-books. Suzanne has been asked to be maid of honor in her ex-husband's wedding, to one of her friends.

The plans for the wedding are moving very fast and people are showing up in town that Suzanne does not view favorably. One is Jude, Gabe's nephew, her last living relative.

He starts trouble and someone decides to finish it, but who could that be. There are many suspects and she sets a goal of finding the killer before the wedding, so there aren't any clouds over it. May 09, Lauren Dottin-Radel rated it really liked it. I think this was a good Jessica Beck book by far. I like the fact that they changed up Suzanne's relationship a little bit where Jake had to basically move across country for his job all in the mist of her trying to solve a murder. A murder that involved one of her good friends and her ex-husband who was going to marry that friend.

I thought that they were getting married too fast but I'm glad that the author thought that as well. I was also surprised to see killer was because I actually thought I think this was a good Jessica Beck book by far. I was also surprised to see killer was because I actually thought she was being blackmailed by the killer but in the end she was just someone that was a scorned woman.

Since this book is much older I can pretty much just say you did or did not do it but I'm not sure how much more of the Jessica Beck books I can read because the relationship with Suzanne and Jake is progressing way too slow and the character is not developing enough for me. It also seems to that they're making one of the characters Gabby almost like a bully in a way where is Suzanne feels that she can just go ahead and vest and investigate murders without having a bad.

It's almost like she's getting too confident and now the police chief even though he's dating her mother is fine with her investigating these murders. It's basically like you saying I can't stop her because she's going to do it anyway so I might as well work with her and share some information. I don't know this is only book 11 I'm going to start Book 12 tonight but we'll see how it goes.

Dec 29, Kelly Rudich rated it it was ok. I felt like this book who change the lives of several characters and move the town along. But in the end, nope. The relationships still drag on as though they are in high school. The murder plot was ok. I felt a lot of emphasis was placed on Suzanne disciplining her friend Grace every time they talked to a murder suspect. Suzanne often comes across as stern, judgmental, and a bully. I like the series and will continue to read them, but I read them for the mystery, not to connect with the main ch I felt like this book who change the lives of several characters and move the town along.

I like the series and will continue to read them, but I read them for the mystery, not to connect with the main character. Sep 08, Cindy Friend rated it it was ok. I would rate this book a 2. While a cozy donut shop mystery is always a pleasant diversion, Jessica Beck's books are simply too predictable to hold my interest. I find my mind wandering while I am reading her books. However, since I bought this series I feel compelled to finish reading them. I may have to take a break between books to read something meatier though. Jan 30, Kristie rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read.

I think this was one of the best books in the series. I have to wonder if Suzanne is close to giving up sleuthing. She was worried about something happening to someone she loves during her investigations and in this book, it came close to happening. I am looking forward to reading the next book! Nov 02, Trisha rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this although do struggle a bit by her inconsistencies, such as being so loyal to her friends and wanting to solve it before the wedding then turning around and essentially accusing a friend of murder.

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Motive was a surprise although suspect not so much. Good read. Kudo's to Suzanne I am glad to see that she would have given her heart to Jake. The mystery was dood and the characters as good as ever. Jul 29, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: cozy. Not as strong or as developed as earlier books in the series. Sep 26, Jennifer Winship rated it liked it. I would give this one a 3. Something about the main character, Suzanne, turned me off this time. Dec 30, Jenni Schell rated it really liked it. Another great mystery for Suzanne to solve. I enjoy this series, but am disappointed that the books are so much smaller now.

Dec 21, Glenn Harris rated it really liked it. Another fine entry in the Donut Shop mystery series. This time Suzanne and Grace must find a murderer in order to save a wedding. Apr 09, Pat Trezza rated it it was amazing. I love this whole donut shop mystery series. Looking forward to the next one. Jul 14, Laura rated it liked it.

Assault and Batter (Donut Shop Mystery Series #11)

Well, I've been away from this series for a long while so it took a while for the characters to click; now I need to play"catch-up"! Jan 29, Gretchen rated it liked it. These characters are like old friends to me by this time. I always enjoy seeing what's going on in their lives in each book. Feb 06, Valerie rated it really liked it.

It was a good book but seem mild compared to others. Suddenly everyone in April Springs has their eyes on her. Left with little choice but to catch the killer herself, Suzanne starts lining up suspects. But her case is full of holes.


How did the killer strike in the middle of the day without a single witness to the crime? Who knew that the humble blacksmith was actually an heir to a family fortune? The heat is on as Suzanne tries to solve the case and save her business. Can she have her cake-donut and eat it too? Was it Max, the groom-to-be; Peter, his best man; Lisa, the woman Jude had been dating; her jealous husband, Frank; or perhaps it was Reggie Nance, a man who had reasons of his own to want to see Jude dead?

Suzanne and Grace must act quickly and solve the murder before someone else ends up missing the reception, permanently. Suzanne and Grace must track down a killer when one of their old classmates is murdered at their high school reunion. The only problem is the that the man Jake was trying to capture has a partner, a very bad man now intent on seeking revenge. When her Aunt Jean dies suddenly, Suzanne and her mother investigate what at first looks like an accident, but quickly proves to be murder.

They never expected to get help from the recently deceased beyond the grave, though. Suzanne and Jake are finally married, but the honeymoon is over too soon when they find her mother waiting for them at the airport. As their investigation develops, suspicion falls on people from both sides of the law, and the newlyweds must learn to balance their new marriage with their drive to find the killers! They soon get dragged into the investigation and begin uncovering a bevy of clues as to why this homicide took place. To make matters worse, they are soon cut off from the rest of the world, and the group finds itself trapped on a mountaintop with a cold blooded killer.

When Crazy Dan the junk man, is found murdered in his shop, Aunt Teeks, at first no one has any idea who might want to see the old man dead, but as Suzanne and Grace begin to dig into his life, they discover that there was much more to the man than they first thought, including several motives for murder. Or did he? Was Gray struck down because of his past, or because of something that happened more recently?

With Jake away on family business, Suzanne and Grace are determined to find out as they dig into the past and try to discover who killed him, and why. Soon after, old flame Tom Thorndike is found dead at the bottom of a nearby waterfall. Was it foul play, or simply a daredevil stunt gone wrong? Little does Suzanne know that her past is about to play a major role in her present, as well as her potentially perilous future.

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The women must do their best to figure out who killed the banker before someone else gets frozen out, permanently. During the remodeling of Donut Hearts after a big ice storm damaged the place, contractor Snappy Mack is found murdered inside the shop, and Suzanne and Jake must find the killer before he strikes again. As the married team dig deeper into the case, they are soon isolated on the island with not only more potential victims, but the would-be killer as well.

When head town councilman Van Rayburn is attacked at his home and left for dead, Suzanne and Jake struggle to prove that their friend, Mayor George Morris, is innocent of committing the assault. Suzanne and her mother decide to investigate, and soon secrets from the past resurface and threaten the present in a very real way. When Suzanne and Jake leave town to attend a party with friends, they never dream that they are about to become involved in another murder. The stakes continue to rise as an ice storm knocks out the power in the penthouse where they are staying, locking them in with a dead body and a killer until law and order—as well as the power—can be restored.

When a prominent member of the community is murdered, the list of suspects is longer than the lines during a free donut giveaway. Odd couple Suzanne and her stepfather, Phillip, dig into the case together to unmask the killer, and in the course of their investigation, the two amateur sleuths become embroiled in some of the worst aspects of small town life as they struggle to find the murderer. A pie shop is opening up in April Springs, but the owner is as sour as her pies are sweet!

The owners of Donut Hearts and The Last Page decide to hold a festival featuring donuts and books, but when one of the guest authors dies in the middle of robbing the donut shop, Suzanne and Grace must solve the case and get the missing money back, or risk losing more than the proceeds from the festival. The author makes no claims to be a professional baker or cook but has enjoyed making goodies for the family for many years, and has had very few complaints from those consuming the treats included here.

When Suzanne, Jake, Momma, and Phillip decide to buy an old house and fix it up, they soon discover that the neglected property is being used as a base for an illegal operation. The more they dig into the old house, the more they realize that there are more problems with the fixer-upper than just wiring and plumbing, and they must investigate the case or risk losing everything.

But with the help of police inspector Jake Bishop and her ex-husband Max, Suzanne hopes to clear her good name—before another bad donut is fatally frosted… Sinister Sprinkles, Book 3 Just in time for the Winter Festival, a glistening layer of snow has covered the streets of April Springs, North Carolina.